Garage Innovation

Garage Innovation is the name of the group I implement and release software under.

Current projects are listed below:

AL 0.1.2
Description: This is an application launcher which help the user find applications with the use of suffix search rather than manually browsing through the Start Menu.
- Execute applications by search
- A GPL licensed project at SourceForge AL
Homepage: AL Homepage
Language: Python

pyMP 1.0.0
Description: This is a fully functional MP3 player.
- Fully mp3 playing capabilities.
- Streaming over tcp/ip, HTTP and the SHOUTcast protocol.
- Extract song information from the ID3 tag, the SHOUTCast stream and from FreeDB.
- Support for m3u and pls playlists
- A GPL licensed project at SourceForge pyMP
Screen shots: pyMP, pyPlayer
Language: Python

News Browser 1.0
Description: This is a RSS parser. You may manage channels and read news extracted from RSS/RDF feeds. The news are supplemented with a link that will open in the specified browser.
Screen shots: News Browser
Language: Python

Description: The good old mastermind game implemented as an JavaApplet. Enjoy
Play game: Mastermind
Language: Java